A recipe blog with a twist. At Soulful Kitchen, we match you to recipes that suit your diet and consider your allergens, we streamline the search process, and all recipes come with a simple, straight forward video to watch and learn from (because it’s always easier that way!) As well as learning how to cook, you learn about the cultures with short history bites behind each recipe. 

What you can enjoy at Soulful Kitchen:

✔ We personalize the user experience – we recommend you recipes based on your dietary needs/preferences and allergens

✔ Many recipes comes with tips to take your cooking to the next level

✔ It is integral to us that all recipes have a straight forward, easy to follow (and nice to watch) video tutorial – so you can choose to watch, read… or both!

✔ We’re tying good food with a celebration of culture and teaching you about the origins behind each recipe… where in Africa did jollof rice originate? And why / when did rum production start in the Caribbean?

✔ Our recipes are authentic – they come from parents, aunties, uncles and diaspora

✔ The user experience is streamlined - our web application is easy to navigate so that you can easily find all of your favourite recipes as well as discovering new dishes

✔ PRO users can save more recipes, create shopping lists, find out detailed nutritional insights for each recipe and enjoy an ad-free experience


2020 was a year of staying at home and as a result, it was also the year I really upped my cooking game. Whilst I’ve always been able to cook up a decent meal, as I entered my mid 20s, my taste buds were itching for some of the meals I grew up on. With the world in lockdown, I couldn’t count on my monthly trips to my parents’ place to satisfy these desires.

Whilst I was craving the tastes West Africa, my Caribbean boyfriend was craving tastes of the Islands, and I noticed more and more people facing this same, first world dilemma. So... I started learning. I practiced recipes, perfected recipes, and then I put the recipes onto this website, but also added features on top that will personalize and streamline the user experience. I created the application I felt I needed when I was ready to learn these home grown recipes.

All you need is your laptop / phone / tablet to start to rediscover the meals you grew up on. And of course, these meals are not limited to the diaspora – you can also use Soulful Kitchen to learn how to cook some completely new and delicious cuisines that we’re certain you will love!

With the help of our star home cooks – we can’t wait to expand our recipe database to provide you with a tasty menu of choices from all over Africa and the Caribbean.


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